• Abstracts describing original research, clinical trials, or case studies/series related to the area of endocrinology may be submitted.
  • Abstract submissions must be an original contribution and may not have previously been published or presented at any national/international meeting(s) in the same format at the time of abstract submission.
  • By submitting your abstract, you agree to present the abstract if it is selected for presentation during the Annual Meeting.
  • The abstract limit is 2,700 characters, including spaces. Count excludes the title, names of authors/co-authors, authors’ affiliations and disclosures. The abstract must be typed in single-space, in English, using at least 9-point sized font.
  • Title: Title should be brief, clearly indicating the topic category (limited to 250 characters including spaces). Do not include authors and institutions in the title. Avoid the use of abbreviations in the title.
  • Authors should be included as mentioned in the online form, i. e. last name, first name. The name of presenting author should be filled in presenting author column only.
  • Institution: List the institution in which the work is carried out. Please do not mention individual authors’ affiliations.
  • Content: Type body of the abstract in order of Objective/Backgrounds, Methods, Results and Discussion/Conclusions.
  • Do not include title, name and institutions in the box for abstract.
  • Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Uncommon abbreviations must be put in parenthesis and preceded by the full word the first time it appears in the text.
  • Kindly upload the table/graph in a separate word/ppt/excel file using the file upload option at the end of the form.
  • Please proof read the abstract carefully for factual and spelling errors.
  • The presenting author must also be a registered delegate for the conference.
  • Once submitted, no corrections are possible. To withdraw an abstract, write to the following email address: [email protected] within 15 days of submission.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by 15th October 2022.
  • The abstract details can be downloaded from the scientific committee website: https://www.oescon.org/ and can be submitted only at this website online-only linking https://www. oescon.org /abstract
  • All abstract Accepatance communication shall be done by 20th Oct 2023

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